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Your retirement in Djerba

Retraités à Djerba

Your favorite retreat or vacation in Djerba

The island of Djerba, at the gates of Europe, flagship destination of Mediterranean tourism, known for its mild climate and its beautiful sandy beaches.

Djerba is an island served by an international airport, it has kept its traditions, rites and customs.

The island of Djerba appears like a real garden covered with thousands of palm trees, olive trees with secular trunks, fig trees, pomegranate trees ... Beaches with fine white sand, crystalline sea with warm waters, wild nature, mild summer climate like winter.

A considerable tax advantage

On income *
- Exemption up to 80% of income
- Exemption from the CSG
- Exemption from RDS

On the house
- No housing tax
- A property tax of 100 euros per year for a villa of 150 m2 living space
- An average consumption of 40 euros per month for water, electricity, heating and air conditioning
- Home insurance: 150 euros per year
- A household employee charges included: 200 euros per month

And also :
- Reduced registration fees: from 1 to 6%
- Lawyer or notary fees: 3%

A considerably increased purchasing power. A profitable investment, competitive selling prices.

Carte ile de Djerba

* a minimum of 183 days per year of presence is required (Tunisian finance law of December 26, 2006)

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