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How to acquire in Tunisia


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Since the law of January 1, 2005, foreigners have the right to acquire property in Tunisia, but the Tunisian state has limited the possibility of acquiring in all areas.

It is strictly forbidden to buy in an agricultural zone. Therefore, only urban or tourist areas are affected by this right.

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Acquire a property in an urban or tourist area

Foreigners have the right to acquire property located in urban or tourist areas, in their own name and therefore obtain a blue title (title deed in their name).

There are obviously pitfalls to avoid :
- Buy a property from a person who is ultimately not the owner,
- Buy a property that has no access, 
- Buy a property that has already been sold several times at the same time,
- Buy a property that has multiple owners,
- Buy a property that is not registered,
- Buy a property that has no title,
- Buy a property where the seller during its acquisition has not paid the rights,

As in France, a promise to sell prior to the sale is signed, subject to the condition precedent of the Governor's agreement.

A check on the source of funds from foreigners as well as their good morals is made.
(A blank judicial bulletin n ° 3 will be necessary)
After obtaining these agreements, he moved on to the completion of the final sale, then to the delivery after registration of the title deed, in the name of the foreigner.

Acquire a property in an agricultural zone

Foreigners are formally prohibited from acquiring in agricultural areas, for 2 reasons:

1- The fact that foreigners are sectorized in accessible and attractive areas allows the tourism police to more easily control their homes.
2- For the sake of cordial understanding between Tunisians and Europeans.

Indeed, it is important to leave important agricultural areas allowing Tunisians to buy land at a price corresponding to their income and allowing their children to settle in their own country.
The fact that Europeans do not have the right to buy in agricultural areas means that the price of agricultural land is always accessible to Tunisians.
Coming to settle in a foreign country also means letting the natives live in peace.

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