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Real estate in Tunisia


A growing real estate sector

In recent years, the Tunisian real estate market has been in an explosion phase.
This attraction is explained primarily by prices which are still low and favorable to purchase compared to the international scale.

Analysts point to Tunisia today as a new emerging real estate market, a market that will experience significant growth over the next five years, these experts say.

There are many factors that favor this hypothesis.

The market is indeed relatively new, since foreign ownership of land in Tunisia has only been permitted by law since May 2005, prices are still low.
(compared to what exists in other markets)

These factors pushed the experts of the English site "PropertyWire" to compare the situation that the property market in Tunisia will experience with the boom it experienced in Morocco, five years earlier.

In addition, Tunisia is ranked 3rd, according to the New York Times, among the most beautiful places to visit in the world,
as well as the choice of the island of Djerba as one of the best destinations.

All of these economic indicators promise rapid development and economic performance. A market that will experience significant growth over the next five years, say these experts.

Attractions of Tunisia

The French have a real crush on Tunisia, a French-speaking and Francophile country, especially because of security, the country's all-out openness to globalization.

Economic growth 5% per year over the long term. Membership of the free trade area with the European Union.

In addition, the beauty of nature, the diversity of the landscapes and the mild climate: 330 days of sunshine per year, 1,300 km of coastline attract 1.2 million French tourists per year, ie 20% of the total number of non-resident visitors.

1,300 French or mixed-capital industrial and service companies are established in Tunisia.
22,000 French people live in Tunisia, 20% of whom are dual nationals.

The cost of living is moderate, around 4 times cheaper than in France.
The roads and highways are in good condition,
  efficient public transport as well as frequent rental services.

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